Guitar lessons

Guitar lessons at a glance


I specialise in teaching teens and adults, but younger students (7 years old and older) are welcome.

Weekly lessons

Consistency is important to develop a new skill.


Small home studio in Oaklands Park or at your place in nearby suburbs.

Acoustic and electric

I teach contemporary styles and techniques on both acoustic and electric guitars.

One-on-one format

allows to tailor each lesson to students’ needs, follow their individual pace, and practise different skills.

Flat price

helps you to estimate your monthly budget.

Guitar Lessons For Teens and Adults

With adult students and teens (14+), I use my own unique method. It was designed as step-by-step instructions in learning all the techniques essential for a contemporary guitar player. 

The method works whether you just want to strum your favourite song, or your goal is to play a shred solo.

What you will learn during the course

Just a sneak peek

This exercise is designed to practise alternate picking. 

I provide backing tracks and video reminders to fully support my students. 

Guitar Lessons For kids

Guitar is a perfect instrument to involve your child in music.  

I teach my students not only how to play an instrument. They also learn music theory through games and apps, they can play by ear and make up their own songs.  

Guitar lessons are available for ages 7 and older.

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Frequently Asked QuestionS

How long do the lessons last?

Guitar lessons can be 30 or 45 minutes long. Most of my students prefer 45-minute lessons, but it all depends on your goals and expectations.

Do I need an instrument at home?

Yes, you definitely need an instrument at home to practice on. If you play the electric guitar, you also need an amp.

Practice routine

Daily or nearly-daily (at least 4 days a week) guitar practice is vital to student’s progress.
Following easy tips and strategies, my students spend their practice time more efficiently, because they always know what to do.


Online lessons are available via Zoom. Due to our experience, online sessions are just as effective as in-person lessons. It is also a great option to make up a lesson, keep the students on board and help them with their practice routine. No fancy equipment is required – a smartphone, tablet, or laptop works just perfectly.


Flat price. More about it see here

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