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We are a small family-owned music studio in Oaklands Park, SA offering private lessons in piano, guitar, and music theory.

Chernov music studio was established in 2018, when we moved to Adelaide from Moscow, Russia.

Our business is still young, but it thrives on our overseas experience, professional expertise, and passion for music.


Piano, music theory

Olga knew she would be a music teacher since she was 7. This childhood dream led her through all stages of music education. She graduated from music college in 2002; in 2008 she received her Bachelor’s degree in music art from Gnessins Academy of Music – one of the most prominent tertiary music education providers in Russia. Her research in American blues in the 1930s resulted in a PhD degree in musicology in 2012. Near 20 years of experience helps Olga to efficiently with students at any level – from complete beginners to postgraduates. 

Olga believes that the music universe is open for everyone. Her mission is to share this passion and to support every student with maximum patience, understanding, and inspiration. 

Music for Olga is not a job, it is a way of life. Apart from her teaching, she is a devoted choir singer, proud to be a member of the Adelaide Philharmonia Chorus. She always considers herself as a learner, her current musicological interest lies in historical improvisation and the art of partimento.


Guitar and sound production are two passions in Eugene’s music career.  He has been playing guitar for 20 years and has been teaching nearly for a decade. He studied Sound engineering at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia); worked as a studio engineer recording various styles of music – from classical orchestras to jazz ensembles and rock bands. At the same time, he collaborated with other musicians as a guitarist, bass player, and music arranger.

Eugene believes that any goal can be achieved with a step-by-step approach. He uses  his experience to help students to plan and consistently move towards their music goals.  

Other Eugene activities and interests are also music-related. He runs a YouTube channel with guitar covers, makes DIY guitar pedals, and he is about to release his first electronic music album.

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